Helvetica – A Documentary

September 9, 2008

I thought I would post a little something about this film. As it is now out on DVD for purchase and has been for a little while now, I’d just like to add my recommendation to at least go watch it, if not buy it. My wife and I saw the screening at the Tower Theater when it came to Salt Lake City last year and we (at least I) really enjoyed it. She was nice enough to come along with me. It was fascinating to learn a little more about the history of probably the most common typeface that has existed. As common and regular as letters can be, Helvetica is easily one of my favorites. Perhaps you just have to be a ‘font nerd’ to really appreciate it. My non-font nerd friends looked at me to see if I was serious when I told them how neat the documentary about a font could be. I’ve got to admit it is rather amusing to think about. So in the words of Lavar Burton on ‘Reading Rainbow’, “You don’t have to take my word for it.”