Stackable Dresser

December 5, 2008




I came across this today and thought it was a neat idea. Say you start out with just a few things and don’t need a lot of drawer space, but as you get more and more and need more room – just add to it! This would be great, especially if you really like the look of this dresser and didn’t want to sacrifice getting rid of it for a newer, larger one to replace it. The company that produces it is in Japan, so I can’t get a lot of info. from their website. I wonder if they come unfinished for you to paint/stain the way you want?


3 Responses to “Stackable Dresser”

  1. Lindsey said

    I like those dressers, except I probably wouldn’t be able to reach the top two. Certainly not any japanese folks either.

  2. Lindsey said

    Top two drawers that is.

  3. Markus said

    Yeah, I guess you can only go so high, before it gets out of reach. This same idea could be applied to a bookshelf too!

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