More fireworks

October 6, 2008

I came across some more fireworks from an old stash I remembered I had. Nothing too spectacular, but you can definately count on the emission of flame and sparks with these!

Racing Car

Racing Car

Gamellia Flower - don't be confused with the smaller, weaker, well known Camellia Flowers

Gamellia Flower - Not to be confused with the smaller, weaker, although more well known sibling Camellia Flower

Mandarin Duck - Disporting Water?

Mandarin Duck - Disporting Water?


2 Responses to “More fireworks”

  1. Lindsey said

    I think ‘Gamelia’ is just a bit of Engrish.

  2. Janice said

    Oh! I just googled “ducks disporting water fireworks” and up popped your blog entry…I remember these fireworks from the early 80s. Some American friends would bring a batch home to Canada for their July 4th celebration and we’d have an entertaining hour in the backyard with these inventive sparkly toys. As I recall, the ducks start by spinning. Then the top pops off, then the ducks spring up and shoot fireworks from their beaks. Then if I remember correctly, little balloons bloom from their beaks. Or maybe the balloons were related to another one of the amazing toys. Is it still possible to find these (for sale)?

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