October 5, 2008

I love fireworks, always have and probably always will. I have always been so fascinated with fireworks graphics/packaging. Of course I’m talking about the consumer fireworks you and I buy at the stands and such. They come is such colorful packaging, they’re all made in China and ’emit showers of sparks.’ In fact that is one of my favorite phrases on fireworks ‘caution’ labels. Here are some more…





Parachute Fireworks

I especially love older labels on fireworks - where everything is hand drawn. It makes you feel like your fireworks were all carefully handmade just for you, even down to the label. I don't know, but the guy on this particular box looks a little creepy.


3 Responses to “Fireworks!”

  1. Lindsey said

    Do have the wrapper for a Hell’s-a-Poppin?

  2. Bockady said

    No, I want to get one of those. Since the fireworks stands open for New Years’ here, maybe I’ll go find some and post them. What was the Pagoda one called? I haven’t seen one of those in a long time!

  3. Matthew said

    I think the wording of ‘showers of sparks’ and ‘shoots flaming balls’ kind of sets you up for disappointment.

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