The Empty Set

July 19, 2008

Packaging at it's best
Packaging at it’s best

I thought it appropriate as the first posting on this blog I include a photo of this box I have. It’s just a box, ya know, carboard and tape. I’ve never actually opened the box, because it’s contents are clearly hinted at by the big, black type on the front. Perphaps it’s trying to hide something of value. But I’ll just assume it’s being honest. If it is being completely up front with me, is it really necessary, in this case, to inform me? I am a little curious as to why it’s taped shut, if it indeed is what it says it is. This particular box came inside a larger box, I’m guessing to add protection to the larger box’s contents. Anyways, I think this is the ultimate in product design! You’ll see, these things will be flying off the shelves soon and you’ll wish you had one. This one is for sale by the way…


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