Lasers are all the rage

July 19, 2008

Recently, laser engraving machines from such manufacturers as Epilog, have become more and more popular on the consumer level. You’ll see people lasering graphics and artwork onto the backs of their iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and Moleskines. These machines are still pretty expensive, but a ton of fun to mess around with. I’ve been experimenting with them since 2004 and have never been the same since…ask Brittany. I need to own one! There are so many ideas I have, but lack the laser to bring them to reality. Every now and again I return to my old place of employment where I was introduced to these machines to get some work done. They’re super nice and let me use it for free still, but I have to drive 40 minutes and gas ain’t cheap, ya heard? One of my favorite materials to use was cardboard. I figured out a way to carefully laser away the top layer and reveal the flutes below. This creates an amazing look and I think it has some great potential. Here’s a sample of my signature reversed and upside-down.

Totally rad

Totally rad


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